Do Pineapple Seeds Exist?

Do pineapple seeds exist? Many people would not know that pineapple have seeds, however this does not mean that they do not have any seeds. The seeds are usually found in the pineapples that are commercially grown. This is because they are grown by using the vegetative part of the pineapple plant. So if you do not know that it has seeds, it will be most likely that you would never have ever thought on how to germinate the pineapple seeds. Just because you have never thought about it, it does not mean that the process is impossible. On the contrary, it is highly possible. There has been experiments on the germination of the pineapple seeds and if you are interested to try, then just read trough the article.

By now, you may have been educated enough in knowing how to grow a pineapple by using the crown of a ripe pineapple fruit. Actually this is a simpler and faster way to grow pineapples. So if you are in a hurry to grow those spiky fruits, the germination is not for you, however this can be a fun family project to grow a pineapple plant from seeds. It is so rewarding to see those little seeds turning into fully grown pineapple plant, almost feel like having your own children. So why not give it a try and see just how you can love plants.
To get the seeds, you will first need the pineapples. Once you get the pineapples, peel it. You will find the seeds in the eyes. So all these times you just take those eyes for granted, you just throw away the seeds to a new plant. Carefully take the seeds and clean them from any excess fruit flesh. As for the rest of the pineapples, you are free to change it into different kinds of dishes.

Put the seeds in a plastic bag and put the bag over a wet paper towel and you will see that in only one month, you can see them germinated. Let them be on the spot for a few more weeks and you will start to see that the roots are growing and the leaves are getting bigger and bigger. After about two months (people say that by putting the seeds under direct sunlight, they will be able to grow the seeds after 6 months), which is relatively short, you can already move the seeds to a pot. However, you will need to make sure that the paper towel is not dry by putting more water every week.

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