How to Keep You Banana Tree Happy

On the contrary of what many people seem to think, growing banana trees are very easy. It does not require you to prepare the soil beforehand as it can adapt to different soil situation. The tree is a good choice not only because it is easy to maintain but also because it has so many different advantages. The first would be that it can be a great screen or windbreak. Another benefit of the banana tree is that it can shelter you from the heat of the sun, especially in the hot western side of the house.

Moreover the banana tree can also be used to utilize nutrient and water in the waste drains, however, this means that you may need to think of washing water or shower in the outdoor area. The leaves of the banana trees can also be used for feeding horses, cows and also other grazers. In some countries, the banana leaves can be used for storage and cooking purposes.
Some of the older tribes use banana leaves to store and wrap items until today and the cooking method of wrapping the food in banana is still performed until today in many modern societies. The banana leaves are believed to provide a certain flavor to the food. Other parts of the banana can also be used for cooking ingredients. In addition, the dried remains of the banana tree trunks can also be used to create items by weaving them. Some of the most common items would be mats and baskets.

Knowing that the banana trees can provide us with so many advantages, most of use would like to be able to make the plants happy by providing them with what they need and what they like. They like to have dark, rich and fertile soils. Moreover, they really like lots of organic matters as well as mulch. They really like as much mulch as possible so do not stop piling the trees with mulch.

Not only mulch, they also like potassium and nitrogen. As for the placement, the banana trees like the area that can provide steady warmth which is not too cold or not too hot. However, they will survive nicely on the hotter environment better than the cold ones. On the other hand, the banana trees do not like strong winds. They also need the right amount of water and nutrient so that they will not be hungry or thirsty.

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