Pineapple Cake Recipe, a Treat for the Whole Family

Most mothers are complaining about their children’s appetite. Well, sometimes they also complain about their husbands’, but adults will eat eventually because they know even though some things are not delicious, they still need to consume them anyway for the sake of their health. Children are at the age of growth. Therefore, it is very essential for them to consume healthy food on daily basis. This will determine just how they will be in the future, physically and mentally.

But of course, most children will resist healthy food that is full of nutrient. Some of them even say that those green things on the dishes as gross food. They prefer food that is tasty and sweet, some of the time, those are the only things that they eat. That is why mothers need to be very creative in creating the dishes at home so that the children will still be consuming health yet tasty food. A great idea is to create healthy and sweet desserts. Young and old are craving for desserts and they think that desserts are treats. One of the best treats that you can find is the pineapple cake recipe.
Do not be terrified to think that the pineapple cakes are very difficult to produce. On the contrary, mothers can easily find recipes for easy pineapple cake. Many people will be surprised to know that some of the recipes will require no more than 3 ingredients. Although the dish is super easy and fast to make, but it is very nutritious for the body as it has pineapples in it. Pineapples contain so many vitamins and good enzymes for the body. On the other hand, as they are sweet, children will simply devour them.

Here is how mothers can prepare the three ingredients desserts:

1. Prepare the dish at least one hour and 10 minutes before the serving time because the preparation needs 5 minutes while the cooking time will be 1 hour.
2. Prepare the three ingredients: 2 cups of sifted self raising flour, a cup of sugar (can be caster sugar or other types of sugar according to the cook’s preference) and one pineapple flesh or a big can of pineapple.
3. Heat the oven until it reaches 180 degree Celsius, meanwhile mix the three ingredients together until it is mixed nicely.
4. Pour the mixture to the cooking dish or loaf tin and put in in the oven for about an hour.
5. Wait for 5 minutes before serving.

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