The Bamboo Plants for Good Luck

Do you know that there are lucky bamboo plants? They are one of the bamboo varieties that is believed to be able to bring luck for personal and business. It used to be quite difficult to find these lucky bamboo plants, but it is not anymore. There are shops both online and offline selling the lucky bamboo. These bamboo plants can be placed everywhere, from personal homes to offices as well as other businesses. This bamboo plant is being used everywhere because it is an important part in the feng shui. This bamboo can bring fortune as well as good luck and is going to give more if it is a gift.

Not only of fortune and luck, the lucky bamboo plants are also believed to give the owner a well earner reputation on what he or she does and that the reputation would be almost indestructible. The lucky bamboo has a though stalk, just like the other types of bamboo, however, it is smaller in size. It can be planted in pots, vases and other types of containers and on the soil as well as in pure water.
Moreover, it makes a perfect indoor plant because it can survive in various light conditions. So, even when the plant is being placed in an office room that is not getting enough sunlight, the bamboo can still grow. Not only that, the bamboo requires only a little maintenance. If they are poorly kept, the lucky bamboo plant may still live long enough for quite some time before they would finally succumb.

Although the lucky bamboo plants are available in many shops outside its origin, but most of them are actually shipped from China or Taiwan. In both countries, there are professional bamboo growers who would twist and braid and even curl the hard stalks of the bamboo into multiple shapes. The more intricate the stems of the lucky bamboo plants, the more expensive the cost would be. The bamboo plants with twenty stalks or more with intricate brandings would cost hundreds of dollars. However, those smaller and less intricate ones would only be about $10. Typically the less expensive lucky bamboo would only consist of three stalks.
Even though the lucky bamboo is called bamboo, but technically it is not a bamboo at all. In fact, it is another species called Dracaena sanderiana. Another surprising fact on this plant would be that the leaves of the lucky bamboo may be mildly toxic so it is best to keep the plant away from children or pets.

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