Tips of Growing Pineapple Plant

A pineapple plant will not take so much space to grow. In fact, you can grow them in pots and move them around to beautify different areas of the house. You can put them inside the house if you want to, but make sure that you put them in far corners or unreachable areas as they have quite thorny leaves. On the other hand, not only that the plant is beautiful, the fruit can provide you with so many vitamins.

Do you know that a pineapple is one of the best source of fiber? It is true and that is why consuming this yellow fleshed fruit is great for your body. It also contains a high source of vitamin B1 and C, a good amount of different vitamin B, namely vitamin B2, B5 and B6, magnesium, folic acid, beta carotene and copper. In addition, the fruit also has an enzyme called Bromelain which will serve as a great aid for our digestion and can reduce inflammatory.
If you want to have a pineapple plant in the house, you can buy a grown one or you can also grow your own pineapple plant. Growing your own plant is not as difficult as you may thing. All you need is a pineapple, the fruit, any pineapple will do. Just cut off the top part of the fruit. The top, or also called the crown, can be easily spotted as they have several layers of leaves on them. You can eat the fruit but you must keep the crown. Put it upside down in a place without extra strong sunlight and then wait until it dries.

It usually dries in a week. You can identify when it is ready by the hardened leaf scars. Afterwards, remove the crown and put it in a glass of water. Remember to change the water in it once every few days. In just one week, you will start seeing the roots growing from this crown, but do not plant it directly at this period. Wait for a few more weeks until you see the roots growing nicely, then you can remove it into a pot or a desired area on your yard.

To ensure that the pineapple will grow and produce fruits, you need to blend the soil with around 30% of organic things. Cover the hole just until the blended soil reaches the leaves but do not cover the leaves. And as a final touch, press down the soil gently until the crown sits nicely and wait for your fruit.

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