Why Should I Drink Pineapple Juice?

Summer is just one of the best period of the year. Young an old are waiting for the period to come. This means playing outside under the beautiful sun shine. It also means a long holiday from schools. Imagine that during this period, you are on a beach, playing beach volleyball or riding the weaves on the surfing board. Whatever you do, one thing for sure, you would need a companion to quench your thirst. Something cold and sweet, yet with a little of sourly taste, would be so perfect for a hot day. Yes, you should have a glass of pineapple juice right by your side, ready to be sipped.

Beside the fact that a pineapple juice is great to drink for all occasions, here is another reason why you should have it regularly. In 100 grams of pineapple juice, or equal to 3.52 ounces, you will be able to find:
1. 130 I.U of vitamin A
2. 24 mg of vitamin C
3. 16 mg Calcium
4. 11 mg Phosphorus
5. 150 mg Porassium
6. 13.7 mg carbohydrates
7. 52 calories.
8. Other vitamins in smaller portions such as vitamin B complex

Not only that, there are also several enzymes that can help your body to be healthier in so many ways because it has the ability to reduce inflammatory, cure cold, relief arthritis, help to improve digestion, strengthen teeth and bones.

But of course if you want all of those vitamins, you should choose the fresh pineapple juice then the processed one. The processed ones are so low in nutrients. However, this means that you cannot just take a bottle from a supermarket shelf, but go the trouble of creating your own.

There are different pineapple juice recipes for you to try. You can simply put the pineapple cubes into a juicer and mix with a little bit of sugar to give it a less sourly taste. Or you can also combine pineapple with different fruit to get a new taste and to get even more benefits. Take for example the carrot, pineapple and orange juice. With these ingredients, you would not even need to add some sugar because the sweetness of the orange juice and carrot would be sufficient to cover the strong sour taste of the pineapple. If you are interested, you can create the drink by mixing 3 medium sized carrots, ½ of small yet ripe pineapple and one large and ripe orange. Put everything in the juicer and wait for the results. You can also create your own recipe by mixing everything you like best.

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