Plum Tomatoes and Other Types of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are popular and they are great to be eaten cooked or raw. Eaten raw can mean that they are mixed with other fresh vegetables in salad, pasta, sandwiches, or other types of dishes in different countries in the world. They are also often used for garnish for a different range of dishes. This juicy vegetable is often mistaken for fruit. Although almost everyone knows tomato, but not everyone knows that there are different types of tomatoes. The types of tomatoes can be based on sizes, colors and also shapes. Although most tomatoes sold in the market are red and round, but there are different shapes and colors too and here are the types:
Cherry tomato
They are tiny compared to the average size of tomatoes and they are so tiny that they have the look of cherries. However, there is another color than red to the cherry tomato and it is yellow. They may be tiny in size, but they are pricier than the normal salad tomatoes. But the cherry tomatoes worth the extra cash because they are sweeter and tastier.

Plum tomato
Plum tomatoes are oval and bigger than the cherry tomatoes but they have a range of sizes including the smallest one, the baby plum tomato. They are rich and flavor and usually have not so much seeds and because of this, the plum tomatoes are often used for sauces and canning purposes.

Honey plum tomato
Unlike the plum tomatoes, the honey plum tomatoes are oblong and really sweet in flavor. They are orange and is ideal for cooking of a range of dishes as well as for salads. However, as they are intensely sweet, they are also perfect as healthy snack.

Green tomato
The flesh of green tomato is firmer and juicier. Although we often think that the red tomatoes are sweeter then the green ones, but that is only for those green marking the immaturity of red tomatoes. This type of green tomatoes is less acidic and a little bit sweeter. They are often used as chutney and pickles.

Beef tomato
Beef tomato is also known by another name, the large red tomatoes. These tomatoes come from the Heirloom breed with sweet red flesh. They are used for stuffind, garnishing, cooking, grilling as well as sandwich.

Heirloom tomato
Although the heirloom tomato is only one of the types of tomatoes, but it consists of different sub categories as they have so many diffrent flavors, shapes as well as colors. They have a specific aroma and are perfect for salad.

Yellow tomato
They are more acidic than the large red tomato but are good for salsa, chutney and salads.

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