What are the Differences between Cherry and Grape Tomatoes?

When we see the cherry and grape tomatoes, most of us see no difference between the two. If there is no difference between the two, then why bother naming them differently in the first place? Well, in fact they are different and therefore they are named differently. The first thing that we can see is the appearance. Yes, both are the small size tomatoes and at a glance, the two are similar. However, they are not. Look closely and you will see that the cherry tomatoes are not only small but round.

Even though they are small, but they are actually have different sizes. The smallest can be at the size of our thumb tip while the biggest can be the size of a golf ball. On the other hand, the grape tomatoes are not as round as the cherry tomatoes. They are elongated and oval. As for the size, in average, they are smaller than the cherry tomatoes. Another difference is the taste. The grape tomatoes are sweeter than most of the cherry tomatoes.
When we talk about the texture, we will know that the grape tomatoes are firmer. One of the reasons why they are, is because their thick skin. Although they taste differently, but they do not have significant nutritional differences. There is one difference, though. The water content of the tomato grape is lower while its sugar content is higher. This is why they are sweeter than the cherry tomato. The grape tomatoes can be stored longer than the cherry tomatoes that may last for a few days only after they are being harvested.

If you are looking for simpler tomato, then the cherry tomato is the simpler one among the two. Although the taste of grape tomatoes are better for those who love sweet taste, but the grape tomatoes require more labor and therefore resulting in higher cost of production for the farmers or gardeners. Why is that so? The grape tomatoes may grow to 7 feet tall in height, imagine the labor that they will cost us. Another problem is that even though the grape tomatoes grow so high, but they produce lower amount of harvest.

Lower here can be significant as the grape tomatoes may produce half the harvest of cherry tomatoes. This is why if you want to plant grape tomatoes and expecting lots of fruit production, then you will need to grow more. No wonder that the grape tomatoes are sold on a higher price in the market if compared to its cherry sister.

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