When You Cannot Stop Thinking about Tomato Bisque

Have you ever tasted a dish at one restaurant that is just so very good and you cannot stop thinking about the food even days after the meal? When you cannot stop thinking about a dish, you will always try to find a way and a good reason to go back to the restaurant even though it can cost you a fortune, won’t you? But when it comes to budget and time spent just to get back to the restaurant, you may start wondering if this kind of dish is something that can be produced at home.

This will become a new obsession, to remake a dish that is just so impressive to you that you cannot stop thinking about it. Similarly, when you go to one of the pizzeria franchise in the Alberta, BC called the Famoso, you can try the Tomato Bisque and you cannot help falling in love with the dish that you feel you need to return to the pizzeria again and again. Or you can also find the excuse to order its Neapolitan Pizza that is equally delicious. But for most people, it is the tomato bisque that made them obsess and some have turn their obsession to recreate the dish at home.
The Famoso is just one of the places that serves Tomato Bisque to its customers. This tomato creation has a smooth and creamy taste to it. This soup is so spicy with different seasoning in it, but at the same time it is not easy to recreate because all the seasonings must be balanced and at perfect measure. Many chefs have agreed that cooking is like science in a way that you will have the right measurement in order to create something successful. If you put too much salt, although it your dish may not be blowing up like in the science experiments, but it can be not edible.

Tomato Bisque comes from French and traditionally it has the ability to be created with different ingredients, and tomato is just one of them. You can often find bisque to be made with seafood like shrimp, lobster, crab and also crayfish. It is often made with other types of fruit and vegetables too and the vegetables and fruits must be roasted and pureed in order to make the soupy dish. However, in this modern time, we often find the dish to be in the menu in some of the Italian restaurants. Regardless of where you can find it, it is just a dish worth obsessing about.

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