Global Electrical Houses Market Report

The market for E houses seems to have suffered a setback this year with a slump of over 8% in the industry since the year 2020. Part of this fall in a need for global electrical houses comes down to the pandemic with the chance for demand to skyrocket with developments in rail and mining […]

The Utility Expo: Where The Utility Industry Goes To Grow

The utility Expo in Kentucky is one of the biggest floor shows in the industry. With over 900+ exhibitors and 32 acres of new products, this show features some of the greatest design in electrical engineering and utility the world over. This is the biggest show floor in the entire industry and some of the […]

Why should I take a Kiteboard Lesson?

Kiteboarding is dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right training. Kiteboarding is more than just riding the board. It requires knowledge about weather, choosing a launch site for kiteboarding, weather conditions, how you take care of your gear and many other things. Kiteboarding is a lifelong learning process. It takes many years to become […]