3 of the Most Important Elements of Your Wedding

Planning your wedding involves making a lot of decisions about what you want, and while it’s great to have attention to detail, there are certain elements that are simply more important than others. Here are the things you should really focus on to ensure you pull off the perfect day.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment is important to your wedding day. While watching the ceremony and mingling afterwards is fun, your guests are likely to need a little more to keep them happy if it’s a long day.

Consider having some activity packs for the kids, as well as something like giant board games in the garden to keep them happy. Adults will enjoy live music or a great DJ, and the right entertainment will get the party started.

  1. Food and drink

Food and drink are other elements that your guests will remember, so make sure it’s for the right reasons.

  • Don’t leave guests hanging around without food or drink when photos are taken, make sure there are refreshments on hand
  • Try not to schedule your wedding breakfast too late
  • Consider having some late night snacks, as after a long day, guests are likely to need some food before bedtime

Be careful not to under-cater and to ensure the bar is well-stocked to ensure that food and drink is generous.

  1. The venue

The venue is probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make about your wedding day, so that’s why you need to find a place that’s right for you. When you are looking for wedding venues Sydney, come up with a shortlist of the things you want in a venue to help narrow down your choice. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when you go on your tour.

You should decide early on what kind of wedding ceremony you want to have, whether you want a church or religious building, or whether you need a venue that offers both the ceremony and reception. You can then decide the style of venue. Would you prefer traditional or modern? Draw up an initial guest list and you will know the rough numbers it needs to accommodate, as well as helping you work out your budget per head.

On your wedding day, there are certain details you won’t notice, as things tend to go fast. However, the big things like the venue, food and drink and entertainment will be things that you’ll always remember, so focus on getting these elements right.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen