Commercial Roof Maintenance: What you Should Know

If you run a factory or warehouse business, roofing is a critical aspect of building management and not something you can afford to ignore. The smart thing to do is contact a local commercial roofing company, have them carry out a roof inspection and take on the maintenance.

Here are a few things that come under the commercial roof maintenance umbrella.

  • Cleaning out the guttering – You won’t need reminding that the guttering channels excess rainwater to the drainage system and it can quickly become clogged with wet leaves and other natural debris. Every few months, you should power wash the roof and clean out the guttering, removing and cleaning filters, making sure that the channels are free from debris.
  • Initial roof inspection – When you first make contact with a commercial roofing contractor, they would want to inspect the roof; an older structure might require Perth asbestos removal from one of the government-approved contractors that offer testing & removal services to local businesses. If there are repairs needed, the contractor would list what needs to be done and would issue you with a detailed report on the status of the roof.
  • Emergency response – Should the worst happen and your roof suffers storm damage, you want a team to be there sooner rather than later. Once you are on their books as a client, you can be sure of prompt service in the event of an emergency, which is comforting to know.
  • Roof protection – There are treatments that will prolong the life of a commercial roof; silicone can be sprayed on the roof after it has been power washed and this provides a waterproof seal. If you would like to know more about roof protection, talk to a local commercial roofing contractor, who has all the details and they may be more than one option.
  • Annual roof inspection – While some businesses have a roof inspection every 6 months, the longest you should leave it is one year. The roof is the one component of the structure that you cannot see from ground level, therefore regular inspections are advised. If your factory/warehouse is in a coastal area, the risk of storm damage is greater; check with your insurer to see what sort of storm damage coverage you have.

As a business owner, you won’t need to be reminded how important the roof is to your operation and with regular inspections, you will always be on top of things.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen