Dealing With Blocked Drains In Your Business Premises

When you notice that the drains in your business premises start to drain slowly or become completely blocked, you will need to remedy the situation and get them draining freely again. However, before you call a plumber, there are things you can do that can help remove the blockage and prevent you from paying the expensive fees of a qualified plumber. Below are some tips to help you get started to see if these can help fix your situation and get your drains flowing freely again.

Try Using Hot Water

One thing that may help you clear your drains is pouring lots of boiling water down them, which can help remove blockages. If your backup is comprised of fatty substances or oils, boiling water can help soften these, making them malleable, which can make removing the blockage easier. Try pouring a few kettles of boiling water down the drain and see if this helps, and if not, you can move on to something else.

Try Buying Off-The-Shelf Products To Remove Blockages

There are also plenty of off-the-shelf remedies you can buy for blocked and slow draining drains, which may help you get your drains back to working normally. Ensure you select a suitable industrial strength drain unblocker and follow the instructions precisely, and you may find that this helps to clear the problem. With many of these drain cleaners, you will need to flush the drain out afterwards with hot water, and hopefully, by the time you finish, the blockage will be clear, and your sinks will drain properly again. However, if you still have a problem, there is one more thing you can try.

Get Yourself A Drain Snake

You can also get a tool which is often called a drain snake which you can use to clear blockages in your pipes and drains. Most DIY stores will have these products, so they are relatively easy to buy and can help you remove blockages from your pipes and drains quickly. However, if you are not careful, you can damage your pipes and need to get a plumber to repair them, so you will want to click here to see how you use a drain snake correctly and do not damage your plumbing. However, if this does not work, your last alternative will be to call on the services of a reputable plumber to come and unblock your drains for you.

Call A Plumber

If nothing you have tried has worked, your last option is to call a reputable plumber and have them fix the problem for you. They can easily clean the blockage, and if they have issues clearing it, they have equipment that can help, such as CCTV cameras to see what is causing it. Out of all the options above, using a plumber is the most expensive one but also the most effective. Do everything you can to clear the blockage yourself without damaging your plumbing, but do not be afraid to call a plumber for help to clear your blocked pipes and drains.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen