Easy Indian Breakfast Recipes for Hectic Morning

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day and hence, it is very important you make the best of it. However, it can be challenging to think of new recipes while making breakfast. Busy mornings can be very difficult when it comes to making breakfast. Eating quick cereals or skipping breakfast should not be an option when it comes to breakfast. Hence here are some easy breakfast recipes that are good for your health as well.

Quick Breakfast – Upma

There are varieties of food items that can be made within 20 minutes that can be made from oats or sooji or even semiya. There are many dishes that can be prepared quickly with vegetables with these items. You can make upma, dumplings, etc. using vegetables such as peas, tomatoes, coconut, peanuts, etc. They are also very healthy to eat and you will not feel heavy early in the morning.

Chilla with Besan and Moong Dal

If you are a chilla fan, then this is meant for you. You can make chilla with moong dal or besan. You can use some vegetables and spices to make it more interesting and delicious. It is also very quick to make as you can make it instantly. You can combine it with some homemade chutney. Moong dal chilla is ideal for people who are on a diet.

Instant Dosa and Idli

Dosas and idlis are very healthy and quick to make. Some of the options are ragi, rava, oats, millet, poha, etc. These are very easy to make and are also fibrous. You can combine idli and dosa with chutney, gun powder, or sambar. Preparing this breakfast will take only 20 minutes. This is an ideal breakfast when you are in a rush.

Interesting North Indian Breakfast

There is a wide range of north Indian breakfast options that are available. From pohas to bhurjis, the options are huge. You can choose to prepare poha, rotli, sooji oats dhokla, corn dhokla, thepla, jowar cheela, broccoli and egg bhurji, sandwiches, etc.

Immunity Boosting Foods

You can also add some food items that can help in boosting immunity. You can include some fresh fruit juices, herbal tea, etc. as part of your breakfast. You can also make smoothies with fruits and yogurt. You can also include dry fruits, nuts, and granola in your breakfast to make it healthy. If you want to have a simple breakfast, then you also eat salads for breakfast. Include zucchini, avocado, mushrooms, chorizo chickpeas, etc. in your breakfast.

There are many options and recipes that are available on the internet. You can choose any of these options and prepare a healthy breakfast that is also very quick to make. Do not let your busy schedule hinder in making a delicious and healthy breakfast for you and your family. You can also choose various healthy options for your children that include fruits and eggs.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen