How To Avoid Stripper Jail While Visiting Gentleman’s Club?

If you are planning to organize a bachelor party, then it is better to visit any gentleman’s club rather them calling a stripper at some hotel. Nevertheless, you must follow proper norms to avoid ending up into a stripper jail.

If rules get breached at a bachelor party in Philadelphia gentleman’s club, then you are likely to be taken to a stripper jail. It is not staffed by sexy women. Are you wondering what a stripper jail is? It is a space situated in the club’s backroom, where you will be locked for breaking the good behavior norms. Here you will be surrounded by ugly looking un-sexy bouncers.

How to avoid ending up in a stripper jail?

  • Show due respect to strippers

All the strippers are very sexy and gorgeous looking girls but you cannot take any liberty with them. Be respectful of them!

Avoid trying to mishandle the strippers when they come near you.

  • Dress up well

You need to dress smartly so that you look presentable and worthy to be in gentleman’s club. If you visit here without grooming, then expect to be turned down from the entrance door.

  • Your purse must be full with cash

Ensure that you have sufficient cash available so that you can pay for your drinks as well as leave tips for the bartender and the strippers.

Failing to pay cash to the bartender is not a good thing.

  • Keep your hands off from the strippers

Though the attractive looking female strippers may move erotically around you but ensure to control your hand. Keep your hands in your pocket, so that it does not touch their body. There are some clubs, where customers can touch her body but be prepared to pay tips for enjoying that favor.

  • Switch off your phone and avoid taking photographs

You are not supposed to take a photograph of any stripper or the performance. Instead, you are expected to keep your smartphone switched on vibration or silent.

  • Avoid getting cozy with strippers

Remember these strippers are here to make money and not make a friend. You can be nice to them, but don’t try to mingle with them. They may be offended if you try to be too close to them or get personal.

  • Avoid fighting with anyone

Don’t get into any kind of argument or fight with any staff of the club or with the stripper. It can draw the attention of bouncers who are always present inside the club.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen