Items That Are Unfit For a Commercial Moving

Commercial moving involves a lot of planning and processing. The one aspect that many would not be thinking about is the possibility of things that are unfit to travel. The moving companies could refuse to take certain items mainly because they are dangerous or they might get spoiled. Each company will have its own policy about these items and the items may also differ. But these are the items that are generally dangerous or unfit while on the move and need extra caution and precaution while handling them.

1. Power equipment: The power tools such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc. that work with the help of fuel may be unfit for moving with their tanks filled. To make them fit, you may need to empty the tank.

2. Explosives: It goes without saying that none of the commercial moving companies Toronto or in the world for that matter would be ready to take any explosive materials with them. They include not just ammunition materials but also the propellers, primers, black powder, etc. They are a danger to anyone who is moving it, whether it is local or distant moving.

3. Corrosives: The corrosive materials such as batteries that use liquid acid for functioning, muriatic acid used for cleaning, etc. are dangerous materials. Some of the commercial office movers in Toronto have a policy statement against the moving of such items. So, make sure to discuss the same.

4. Flammable items: The flammable materials are the likes of kerosene, paint remover, fluid lighter, etc. If you have any of these, make sure to eliminate them before moving as the commercial moving services may not include them, whether in Toronto or in any other cities.

5. Plants: Though plants are not dangerous the moving could endanger their lives. As a general rule plants are unfit for moving if it is more than 150 miles. If it is a few miles or a distance that is reachable in less than a day, there won’t be any problems. If it is more than a day, then plants are really unfit for travel.

6. Perishable food: Commercial spaces and offices are likely to have food stalls. Though having perishable food is the least possibility. Yet, if there are, the movers will refuse to take it with them, especially if it is a long-distance move. Make sure to remove them before the D-day to make the last-minute discussions minimal. Only the dry and preserved food can go into the moving truck.

7. Pool and hockey tables: Though these items do not come under the unfit category, they need special attention, facility, and skill to transfer them. Make sure that the moving company moves these items as they need special care.

Most top movers in Toronto provide services in all kinds of commercial moving but their moving policy states that the client discloses any explosives in the consignment. Not only are they dangerous but can also cause a delay in the entire service.

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Post Author: Rosa Tristen