Paying for a VPN will offer the best VPN service  that you could think of.

They offer genuine and better protection of your data and streaming activities than a free VPN. When using a paid VPN service, your session data will disappear once you are done and disconnect from the web. The most highly-rated paid VPN services do not keep users logs so your online activities are anonymous.

They offer more features than a free VPN for a better user experience. In addition to security and privacy, paid VPN offer the best VPN services. They allow the user to use their software on multiple devices at the same time with only one subscription.

Other than, giving the best VPN services a user will gain access to more server locations when they pay for a VPN. The user will have unlimited access to the service provider entire server network that spans across the entire world.

 A Paid VPN do not impose bandwidth or speed limits on users. Users can therefore enjoy the best VPN services that will make you enjoy safe browsing without any speed throttling or data caps. This is ideal for streaming gaming activities, online videos and so forth.


There are many risks associated with, using a free VPN even though it may be the best free VPN services. Free VPN can track you online and sell your personal or browsing data.

 Some free VPN can also give other users access to the connection that puts you at risk of malware and DNS attacks. Free VPN such as Hola VPN sells users unused bandwidth on the global data market, which is how they make their money.

They provide weak security, unlike premium or paid VPN that offer the best VPN services. Many free VPN providers tend to use unreliable and easy crack-able security with weak encryption. Connections this poor makes it easy for hackers, cybercriminals, and other prying eyes to gain access to your data.

When using a free VPN service, your browsing will be continuously interrupted by advertisements. It is because this is the only way that free VPN can gain profitability. The constant interruption of ads may be frustrating and delay internet browsing or streaming.

 Free VPN can slow down your internet connection. Due to their small networks, international speed throttling and constant advertisements, this will slow your web surfing. If you want faster speed and bigger networks, you should make use of a paid VPN, which offer all these features.

Always remember, that research is necessary whenever you are making a decision. Take your time and make use of the information you receive. No matter you choose to free VPN or paid one, but you have to make sure that you choose the provider wisely. Choose one that has good reputation in the market.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen