Play Safe With Online Malaysia Bet

Should online gambling be legalized? Or let’s say, should it be illegalized? They are two sides of the same coin. As technology is evolving, controlling activities online is becoming increasingly difficult. Committing a cybercrime is easier than doing it for real, be it online harassment, drug trafficking, accessing stored communications, credit card frauds, or internet gambling; they are all getting uncontrollable, and there are no strict laws to manage them. Gambling on the internet is becoming life-threatening and a cause of great concern.

The practice of gambling in India has been passed down to the generations. It is going on since the time of Mahabharata, where Shakuni, by playing dice, managed to win Yudhishtira’s kingdom that ended up gambling with himself and his wife.

Who is getting addicted?

The most common group of people who is at a higher risk of getting addicted to this activity are those with college debt, youngsters with a difficult career path, depressed individuals, tech-savvy, and ones with family pressure. The millennials earn money through gambling, and they define it as a display of wealth. Approximately 4% of teenagers have a gambling problem.

The danger associated with online gambling

Losing a tremendous amount of money is just the primary problem of gambling; addiction is another. It can lead to depression, financial devastation, unemployment, increased alcohol and drug abuse, emotional neglect, and suicide. Furthermore, the gambling websites are in itself a trap. A first time user will always have an option of playing with or without money, and this we call the Malaysia Bet because the trust has been maintained by the players on online poker; the game is designed in such a way that when they play for free, their probability of winning will always be high, hence compelling them to play with money.

Legalization in India

Sikkim is the only state in India to have a law on online gambling, except that there is no specific law for gambling on the internet, and companies are taking advantage of this loophole. However, making money transactions on offshore websites for gambling is illegal in India and considered a crime. This does not solve the problem because one can do all the payments through any other mode like e-wallets.

How should it be avoided?

Well, passing a law on online betting sounds easy in words but difficult in action. A law regarding banning gambling online shall also be passed. That’s a different scenario; as an individual, everyone can do certain things to end this addiction. People should be more open about this problem and stay calm while discussing it. Certain self-help groups should be initiated, and there can be sessions related to this in school and colleges. Spreading awareness is key.

On the whole, the online gaming industry is undoubtedly growing. However, if looked upon sincerely, it can be guarded. Creating certain laws and regulations, prohibiting such as underground activities, and clarifying the rules and player Malaysia Bet or any online game will lead to a more developed, healthier, and knowledgeable country.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen