The police check are primarily verified before an employee is hired. Although, many companies and organizations end up having both good and past criminal offenders as employees by not conducting these checks on them due to financial reasons. Many have complained about the cost of these checks. However, the mistake these companies make is that they are ignorant of the main purpose of running the check.

It is best to understand the reasons behind them. The police checks help in conversion rates. It is one thing to hire an individual, it is another thing to train that individual. Training is not a small expense at all. Most companies that do not take time to put these police checks in place at the beginning, end up having employers they relieve soon.

These checks would also let you know as an employer whether or not the potential staff is being truthful about their educational background. Some people may be truthful about their educational background while some are so used to changing their results to look better. These checks would rule out insincere people like that.

 The check is also useful in reducing risks. For a company that is into sensitive services like working with children or elderly people, there is every need for a police check. Hiring someone that has no record of risk in the past, makes you certain that your business is in safe hands. It also helps you to discern who to keep and to let go. A person that has been involved in so many crimes would have less advantage over someone that has no records of crime. The one that is said to have been involved in the crime may even be asked to leave.


After you have started filling the police check form, you may find it difficult to save and might have to come back later. However, you exit or do not make a further click in a minute, the date will be all gone. For individuals who may have trouble making payments, you can just apply by post. Some sites allow cookies during application to know the user’s session on such a site.


Personal data of every individual is provided to them. For someone that is applying on behalf of another individual. A family or friend. That person applying in place of someone is the third party application. The person will be required to tender a letter of authorization that has been signed by the person that owns the account. Asides from that, proof of identification of the applicant’s signature is also required. The valid proofs include an identity card, valid passport, and driving license. The copies of all these are scanned and tendered.


There are usually two service options that are available for the police check. There is the standard service. It is open every day except weekends and holidays while the premium service does not also operate weekends and holidays. The premium turns out more expensive than standard service. The payment is through the WorldPay payment service.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen