Similarities of android phones and iPhones

General review

Android phones are high-tech, powerful smartphones developed by Google that run on the Android Operating Systems. Different mobile phone companies and manufacturers use them. There is nothing that can justify the compatibility of an Android phone with an iPhone. Despite an iPhone having desirable features, most people prefer using Android phones. Androids phones are very many in the market, and one might get difficulties in choosing the type of phone they want. However, they have almost similar user experience with a number of great features. Android phones are of three types, and each type will give you a different experience.

An iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines cellular phone, iPod digital camera and computer into one interface. The IOS system runs the operating system of an iPhone. iPhones come in different models depending on the design change and the new features.

What is similar between an Android phone and an iPhone

The phone interface systems – Both Android and iPhones support a screen you can zoom, tap, swipe, and pinch.

Both have a 4G cellular network that enables individuals to enjoy a stable network connection while operating the phone.

Privacy settings – Both the Android phone and iPhone have enabled privacy settings to enhance security and reduce hacking data risks.

Similar essential functions – Both iPhone and Android phones enable functions, including video chatting, web browsing, voice command, messaging and calling.

Both phones have a status bar that helps provide information like notifications, time, battery life, storage, wifi etc.

Emergency contact information – Both the Android phone and iPhone have emergency contacts in cases of emergency.

They are both smartphones. It means that both can run apps effectively, call, and connect to the internet.

Both can download apps – If you want to install an app on both iPhone and Android phone, it is possible to visit the Google app store and Apple app store.

 Both iPhone and Android have good quality software and hardware systems. Therefore they are fast and efficient in speed in their operation.

What to do before taking your Android Phone and iPhone for repair.

In case your Android phone or iPhone develops some technical issues that need fixing, you should consider doing the following before taking them to repair centers. All these steps apply to both Android/iPhone repair to enhance security and storage of important information before handing them over to relevant customer care offices.

Remove your sim card – You might contact people using another phone while your smartphone is under repair.

Backup all your data on Google Drive – Syncing your data helps you avoid losing important information while repairing your device. Essential details like contacts, photos, videos, documents, messages and others are safe stored in your Google Drive.

Remove security locks – Most people secure their phones with a pattern lock, PIN, or fingerprint. Ensure you remove it to enhance testing after the service providers fix your issue.

Remove your external card if you had inserted one and note-down your IMEI number, which identifies your phone for security purposes.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen