Social media hasan important role on the globe market today. It is depended on for several reasons such as improving online persona, brand awareness and escaping boredom. Individuals buy social media accounts with thousands of followers to achieve their individual purposes.

How to properly utilize your twitter account

Twitter is a social media network with a large user base. It is very possible to effectively promote your brand using your twitter account.

  • Always post relevant twitter account so you can reach out to your followers more and get engagement from a target audience. This is because some users make use of third party tools to filter irrelevant content from twitter.
  • Always post genuine and helpful content. This is because your tweet could be retweeted and seen by other users who do not follow you. If they like what you post, they could become your follower.

It is quite possible to buy twitter tweets. This boosts the twitter account and promotes organic growth.

Impacts of social media on users

  • Individuals leading unhealthy lifestyles tend to feel weighed down when viewing the seemingly healthy lifestyle of online friends. This includes fitness goals. Some individuals get depressed looking at the fit physique of others. They tend not to consider the possibility of some people undergoing surgery to get it and suddenly believe that the fitness was gotten from exercise.
  • Social media’s impact in improving recollection skills should not be underestimated. Informative, educative and interesting content are available on social media. Users engage with lots of contents in variousnichesdaily. Conversations on these topics make it very easy to assimilate information without paying too much attention. Users are able to make reference to this information in conversations in the real world. This is thanks to the various topics made accessible to timelines of users. For example, a non-history user could come across notable historical events for the user’s education. The user is then able to make reference to information learnt during historical discussions.
  • Some users suffer from social media burnout. These individuals are at a risk of being affected by burn out factors. They tend to feel emotionally detached from the social network and get emotionally stressed out.
  • A notable percentage of individuals get affected by the flashy lifestyles of their peers giving themselves social anxiety. Users tend to become unnecessarily bothered about the activity of their peers online. A large amount of users on social media are basically posting misleading content about their true financial status. They upload falseimages and videos that are in no way in relation with their genuine social and economic status. Unknowing users see these false postsand start feeling depressed and unfulfilled. This sometimes pushes some individuals to engage in extreme activities or putting a strain on their limit to change their lifestyles. These actions mostly lead to unhappiness and a more intense feeling of lack of fulfillment.
  • Social media could cause negative relations between users. Cyberbullying and threats are rampant on social media. Bulling could affect users’ psychological and mental health. There are instances of individuals who committed suicide due to harassment on social media.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen