The Many Benefits of Fishing

Of the many leisure activities out there, fishing is ranked as one of the most popular; wherever you are in the world, you are never far away from a body of water. Both freshwater and sea fishing offer the chance to catch dinner, while some lakes and rivers have a catch & release policy. The challenge of trying to attract a monster fish can be quite addictive and even if you spend a couple of hours and catch nothing, you’ve had a relaxing time.

Leave your stress behind

Set off on one of the fishing charters in Merimbula and forget about the pressures of life; feel the sea breeze and taste the salt spray as you prepare to drop anchor over a reef that the huge groper feed. The charter is typically a 4-6-hour experience, while the crew are always eager to help and when you hook into a big fish, all lines are brought in and the fight can begin.

Superb dinner

Of course, you can BBQ your catch, indeed most boats will clean and prepare your catch, bagged up and ready to go. You can ask the crew which species are the tastiest and they can show you the best way to catch the fish.

The challenge

It is never easy to find the fish, they can be very fussy about feeding and water temperature has an influence on this, aside from many other variables. Ask any seasoned angler about using different strategies to try and tempt a specimen fish, adjusting the depth, changing baits, looking to land that huge fish.

Appreciate nature

Sitting on the banks of a river or lake offers you an amazing natural experience; after a few minutes of inactivity, you blend into the background and the wildlife comes out to play. The birds go about their business, while aquatic animals are everywhere, which is relaxing while waiting for that big take.

Family day out

Find the right fishing venue and you can take the family for a picnic, while you throw out your line, sit back and enjoy the calm fishing experience. Some fishing parks have other activities like kayaking and mountain bike riding, which is ideal for the kids; there’s no better way to spend a Sunday and don’t forget a few ice-cold beers in your hamper!

Next time you are on vacation, take a look at deep-sea fishing charters and book the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Post Author: Rosa Tristen