The Utility Expo: Where The Utility Industry Goes To Grow

The utility Expo in Kentucky is one of the biggest floor shows in the industry. With over 900+ exhibitors and 32 acres of new products, this show features some of the greatest design in electrical engineering and utility the world over. This is the biggest show floor in the entire industry and some of the largest exhibitors have their product heavily featured in the mining and locomotive industry and more. This is the perfect place that you can test drive and demo all of the latest products including heavy equipment, electrical monitoring systems and more.

Going to the 2021 utility Expo is an excellent way that you can access helpful information as well as take advantage of some of the best new exclusive show offers. 85% of the utility Expo this year will be located outdoors including product demos on heavy equipment and large-scale outdoor electrical engineering solutions. The utility Expo will launch a new path for show attendees this year including an easier way to find the exhibitors that you may want to see and a location-based find feature for the navigation products you may want to see. Navigation around the massive show floor this year can be easier than ever before and make the process of seeing the show more efficient than ever before.

With exhibitors coming from around the world going to the utility Expo could be an effective way that you could change your business. You’ll find the most effective opportunities for your business the world over as well as make the most of networking opportunities in electrical engineering. By signing up for the newsletter today or downloading the application you’ll receive regular updates on the future of the show and who is planning on attending. Stay in the know on the latest speeches and organized presentation and get some of the best topics in the underground and electrical engineering industry.

If you’re interested in becoming an exhibitor or checking at the exhibitor directory this can be found on the main website for the utility Expo. Our business will be in attendance in showcasing some of the latest technology that we are known for. Connecting with us at the utility Expo can ensure that you can see more on our electrical monitoring and support items as well as some of our most popular products like E houses, monitoring support devices, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about the products that were going to bring to the expo or you would like to know more about how you can get tickets, contact us today. We can coordinate with your business as well as work with other exhibitors to get them option of the utility expert this year.

Join us in Louisville Kentucky on September 28 to the 30th 2021 for the largest utility Expo in the entire world. We are proud to be exhibitors at the latest utility Expo and we are looking forward to seeing you all this year.

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Post Author: Rosa Tristen